20th January 2021


Delivering Net Zero for Northern Ireland Webinar Hosted by Nicola Murphy

Nicola hosted ‘Delivering Net Zero for Northern Ireland’ - the annual NI Energy Institute webinar run in joint partnership NI Utility Regulator.  The event was a huge success with around 150 attendees from around the globe including Malaysia, Canada, London, Aberdeen, Waterford and throughout Northern Ireland.  


Speakers included Thomas Byrne - Director of Energy Strategy and Sustainability (DfE), Tanya Hedley - Director of Networks

(NI Utility Regulator), Mark Gillan - Chief Operations Officer of Artemis Technologies Ltd and Programme Director of Belfast Maritime Consortium, Dr Jan Webb – Professor of Sociology of Organisations, University of Edinburgh.


Topics covered in the webinar included the ‘New Energy Strategy’ for Northern Ireland, focus groups, a transition from having fossil fuel ‘costs’ to energy ‘investments’, protecting consumers, digitalisation of the transmission and distribution systems and further reducing fuel poverty.

From Artemis Technologies, the audience is introduced to ‘world class low carbon technologies’ and intrigued by the Northern Ireland based ground-breaking innovation project for a ‘zero emissions’ public transport vessel. 

An impressive feat of engineering and collaborative work between industry and academia that has the potential to expand and enhance the local economy and give worldwide recognition to the stakeholders involved.

This innovation will be the world’s first zero carbon commercial high-speed vessel.


With regards to policy and strategy, Dr Jan Webb uses the example of Scotland, suggesting greater emphasis on energy efficiency of the existing building stock.  Opportunities for local heat strategies where geographical location can maximise efficiency through tailored schemes, cross sector financing, job opportunities and building the consumer’s trust are discussed. 

The closing speech by Nicola Murphy discusses the skills gap in Northern Ireland considering the introduction of new technologies such as heat pumps, personnel required to both teach courses and deliver the skills and attracting STEM graduates into the energy industry. 

Nicola concludes the webinar with her recommendations for these issues.


The webinar is an extremely worthy viewing which can be found here:

30th September 2020


herSustainability Podcast 

(hosted by Maddie Walton and Aine Crossan)


Nicola is interviewed by Aine Crossan from herSustainability for their weekly podcast that:


 ‘Explores the work of female scientists, engineers, activists and leaders – demanding space at the table, innovating the future of clean technology and sustainability’ 


In this podcast Nicola reveals her exciting journey into the Energy Sector, transcending the listener across the Atlantic Ocean to where her story began in Canada with her participation in the zero-carbon planning of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. 


To find out more about Nicola’s journey as a mother, mentor, consultant and female inspirator, and to hear about her top 3 tips for women in energy and sustainability, you can listen to the podcast here:


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11th June 2020


Nicola Murphy Appointed Energy Institute NI Branch Chair


Today Nicola Murphy began her two year term as Chair of the Energy Institute NI Branch.

In her EI Chair speech, Nicola pays homage to her predecessor Clare McAllister and highlights the challenges that the Covid 19 pandemic has brought to the Energy Sector with 'power consumption levels and patterns during a typical week under lockdown' resembling a typical Sunday prior to Covid 19. She also brings to the fore the 'significant shift towards low carbon energy sources, predominantly wind, solar and hydropower', with renewable set to be 'the only energy source that will see growth this year'.

Nicola proceeds to highlight the main focus points for EI NI Branch as:

  • Brexit, having an all-Ireland transmission system operation with Eirgrid and SONI
  • Energy Policy and the anticipation of a new Energy Strategy
  • Energy Citizens, with behavioural change at individual and communal level at the forefront in reducing carbon emissions in our homes, businesses and in the transport and power sectors.

Concluding her speech Nicola quotes Helen Keller;

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!"

The full EI Chair speech can be accessed here.

Forward facing Women in Energy
laughing Women in Energy
Forward facing Women in Energy (2)

30th January 2020


Inaugural Women in Energy NI Event at Pinsent Masons Belfast


Spurred by her endeavour to increase awareness and encourage a coalition of women in the Energy Sector, Nicola Murphy (on behalf of Energy Institute NI Branch) partnered with Women in Business NI and Pinsent Masons to create the inaugural ‘Women in Energy NI’ networking event at the office of Pinsent Masons in Belfast. Over 50 attendees hailed from industry, EY, Pinsent Masons, Academia and included final year Ulster University BSc Energy students. 


Nicola, who hosted the event informs that currently there are only two other female members on the EI NI branch: Clare McAllister, (Head of Membership and former Chair), and Sam McCloskey, (Honorary Secretary).

Nicola also informs;

“Over the next few years we will endeavour to continue building on the Women in Energy platform to inspire and motivate women to deal with work related situations with aplomb and to be a forum to discuss current trends in the sector”.


Attendees were welcomed to listen to the speakers tell the story of their current work,  backgrounds, personal interests, how they entered the Energy Sector and being a female in a male dominated industry.  Speakers included Eva Jaques from Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation, Dr Sile Brennan from Ulster University and Judy Mc Elroy from NIE Networks.

The presentations preceded a Q&A and thereafter a luncheon networking event which received excellent feedback from all attendees. 


One Ulster University final year student explained;

"This was my first networking event, and I was a little nervous if I’m honest. I encouraged a fellow female classmate to join me on the day and to discuss topics with lecturers outside of the classroom setting was also a good experience.  

It was refreshing to know that there are inspirational women out there with similar interests (and personalities), who are willing to support us (females/students) going into the sector from education and it was fantastic to have the opportunity to engage with them.

Everyone was so welcoming, and a few women connected with me on LinkedIn straight afterwards.  I am delighted to be part of this network. It gave me confidence moving forward and I no longer feel like an (Energy) island!"